The Grand Opening of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, POLIN

Finally it happened. The core exhibition of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews is open to the public. The Opening Performance was something unforgetable. The Museum façade turned into a huge screen with amazing projections. There was a concert of klezmer virtuoso David Krakauer and jazz trumpeter Tomasz Stańko, who played for the first time his compositions dedicated to POLIN Museum.

The exhibition is really impressive. It contains eight galleries showing 1000 years of Polish-Jewish coexistence. We can learn how Poland became the home for the largest Jewish community in the world. Each gallery in chronological order tells the story from the Middle Ages till nowadays. The exhibitions shows Jewish life in Poland from all aspects: social, cultural, religious and political. It`s fascinating walking through each gallery we actually learn about the history of Poland. We realize how close we existed with each other and how influencial Jewish culture was on Polish culture. It doesn`t avoid difficult topics, antisemitism, disagreements and conflicts. It`s not another Holocaust museum, even though it obviously contains a gallery about the most tragic period in Jewish history.

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