Warsaw Socialist Realism walking tour

Price: 120 € per tour (up to 3 people). The price includes tickets to the observation deck on the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science

Meeting point: upon arrangement

Duration time: up to 3 hours

After the Second World War, Warsaw was almost completely demolished. The new communist government tried to rebuild the Polish Capital in a new style of Socialist Realism, according to Soviet Russia’s demands. Warsaw, as the Capital of Poland, was to be a prime example of the Soviet style of art through architecture and city planning. The new rules lasted only between 1949-1956 (until Stalin`s death) and during this short period of time Warsaw was transformed into a “new” city, which was not accepted by most Warsaw residents.

Nowadays those buildings which were hated for many years (and remain hated  by mostly the older generations) have become popular and appreciated. Some of them are protected by law as Polish heritage sites.

During the walk we will see: Communist Headquarters, Marszałkowska Housing District, Konstytucji Square, Palace of Culture and Science with its observation deck on the 30th floor and more.


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