Łepkowski House – Pre-war Villa Inspired by Le Corbusier

Łepkowski House is an iconic pre-war villa inspired by Le Corbusier, constructed in 1933-1934 according to the design of Lucjan Korngold and Piotr Łubiński.

It was built for a director of Chevrolet car dealership company based in Warsaw. After World War II it was a residence of French attaché. In 2017 this remarkable example of Polish avant-garde architecture was added to athe register of protected Polish monuments.

Nowadays it houses Biała, Zjedz i Wypij restaurant, one of the coolest local spots in the Saska Kępa neighborhood. It`s a good place for a drink or for a dinner. Great reason to visit this area which is full of buildings designed by many outstanding Polish architects of the 1930s.

Address: Francuska 2 Street


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