KABAK. Designer socks shop in downtown of Warsaw

Kabak is a shop for those who like more extravagant clothes – especially socks. This is how it started but now you can find also belts, hats, underwear or even cosmetics here. Everything is made in Poland. These are unique, well made products designed by Kasia who studied design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Kasia develops the project with Kuba who is responsible for business issues.

Kabak has been on Hoża 51 street for about year. It fits an atmosphere of Southern Downtown (Śródmieście Południowe) where all kinds of interesting shops and bars have appeared in recent years. There is a great team here: Ola, Klaudia and Marysia, everybody is very friendly and helpful. There is a big variety of products in very fair prices. You can also find some Warsaw references: socks with Palace of Culture and Science in two versions: with King Kong or spaceships. For those who like an online shopping there is a website kabak.com.pl.

Kabak is located in over 100 years old buidlings of Serwar cheese factory. It was probably the last factory in Warsaw city center. In future they will be transformed into loft apartments. Right now there are many interesting activities here: a photography studio, show room, tattoo studio or climbing wall with cafe. Kabak is lucky cause it`s situated right at the street level next to the gate to the factory`s courtyard, it`s impossible to miss it.

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