Saska Kępa: Discover Warsaw`s Architectural Gem

A very charming villa district built in the nineteen-twenties and thirties. Saska Kępa historically has been very popular among artists, writers and composers as well as scientists, engineers, lawyers, journalists and diplomats and it maintains this character today.

It contains the greatest examples of Warsaw modernist buildings designed by the best Polish avant-garde architects like Bohdan Lachert, Józef Szanajca, Helena and Szymon Surkus, Bohdan Pniewski or Lucjan Korngold. They were strongly influenced by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, one of the most influential architects of 20th century. The interwar period is considered the best in the history of Polish architecture. You can find the finest examples by exploring streets like Katowicka, Berezyńska, Francuska or Walecznych.

This neighborhood has blossomed into a delightful place to stroll and enjoy food and drink with friends, especially along Francuska Street. Check out Biała – zjedz i wypij, located on Francuska 2 Street in the famous Łepkowskich Villa from 1934-1935. For those who don’t care about diets, I must recommend the legendary “fries from window” at Francuska 33. There is also an amazing beach just few steps from Saska Kepa. Warsaw’s beaches are the only places where you can drink alcohol in public legally!