Prodiż Warszawski: Try Polish Cuisine

The Prodiż Warszawski is an easy going place with comfortable atmoshphere and friendly staff. This place is little bit different because it serves also rare traditional dishes.

The only pierogies on the menu are stuffed with veal and mushroom, so quite unusual. I highly recommend the crayfish soup. It`s spicy with lots of crayfish inside. If you don`t like experiments, try Veal with mushroom and mashed potatos (Gicz cielęca z grzybami). Mushroom sauces are very common in Polish cuisine. If you are brave, try Grilled beef heart in cherry and apple sauce and pyzy (kind of dumplings in the form of knobs). Offals are like hearts, tongues or chics are also used in Polish cuisine. I know organ meats may not be for everybody. But, more generally loved, try the Apple cake (Jabłecznik z prodiża) it’s a must try.

Prodiż Warszawski, Poznańska 16 Street, Warsaw

Phone: +48 733 975 100