Treblinka extermination camp tour

Treblinka was the second-largest nazi extermination camp after Auschwitz, located just 100 kilometers from Warsaw. This is the place where most of Warsaw’s Jewish population was killed. From 1942 to 1943 Nazis murdered over 800 000 people. If you visit Warsaw, this is somber and moving memorial to those who perished there which is only two hours from the city.

There are no old barracks or buildings here. When Treblinka was functioning, newly arrived Jews were taken directly to the gas chambers, which the nazis blew up at the end of the war to hide the evidence of war crimes. Today it`s a beautiful quiet forest with a breathtaking memorial that contains 17,000 quarry stones, representing the maximum number of people that could be brought to Treblinka in one day. James E. Young who examined Holocaust monuments and museums in Europe, Israel, and America, considers the Treblinka monument “perhaps the most magnificent of all Holocaust memorials”.

I offer you a comfortable trip by car with me as your guide. This includes pick you up at your place of stay and return.

Price: 250 € for tour (maximum 3 people), the price includes the entry tickets

Larger groups can be accommodated by van or coach with further pricing information upon request

Duration time: up to 6 hours