Tourist Attractions Are Reopening in Warsaw

Tourist attractions in Warsaw are reopening to visitors: museums, galleries, ZOO, botanical gardens, parks, city bikes and river cruises. Masks are required inside museums, galleries as well as shops. Restaurants and cafes operate with limited number of seats. Below you can find a list of my personal recommendations.


• Royal Castle: Tuesday-Friday 12-17, Saturday-Sunday 10-17 More information
– Gardens: Monday-Sunday 10-20 (free admission)

• Royal Łazienki Museum:
– Garden: Monday-Friday 10-20, Saturday, Sunday 8-20 (free admission) More information
– Palace on the Isle, White Pavilion, Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship, Old Orangery: Tuesday-Sunday 10-16 More information

• Wilanów:
– Park: Monday-Friday 9.30-18, Saturday-Sunday 9.30-21.00 More information
– Palace: Thursday 10-14, Saturday-Sunday 10-16 More information

National Museum in Warsaw: Tuesday-Sunday 10-16 More information

• Museum of life under communism: Monday-Sunday 12-17.30 More information

• Polish Vodka Museum: Tuesday-Sunday 12-20 More information

• Neon Muzeum: Friday-Sunday 12-17 More information

• Zachęta National Gallery of Art: Tuesday-Sunday 12-20 More information

• Museum of Caricature: Tuesday-Sunday 10.30-13, 14-17.30 More information

• Zodiak Warsaw Pavilion of Architekture: Monday-Friday 14-18, Saturday-Sunday 12-20 More information

Other attractions

• Garden on the rooftop of the University of Warsaw Library: Monday-Sunday 8-20 (free admission) More information

• University of Warsaw Botanical Garden: Monday-Friday 12-18, Saturday-Sunday 10-18 More information

• Viewing terrace on the XXXth floor of Palace of Culture and Science: Monday-Sunday 12-20 More information

• Warsaw Zoological Garden: Monday-Friday 9-18, Saturday-Sunday 9-19

• Everyday live concerts Chopin Salon: Monday-Sunday 18:00 More information

• Breakfast Market at Żoliborz (al. Wojska Polskiego/Śmiała: Saturday 9-16

• Po Wiśle river cruisesMore information