The Braeunig Family Mausoleum

I love old cemeteries, mostly for their amazing atmosphere, but they also reflect local history and the architecture trends of different times. Here is one of the most unique graves in Warsaw – the Braeunig Family mausoleum at the Evangelical-Augsburg Cemetery. It`s probably the first cast-iron monument in Warsaw. It was built in 1821 in Neo-Gothic style, and this year it turns 200!

Karol Bogumił Braeunig was a successful merchand who was supplying Polish royalty in wine and also managing finances of the Grand Theater. The mausoleum was funded by his wife Klarysa in 1821.

The actual crypt is hidden behind the closed door and it`s located underground. What makes this mausoleum so special is an amazing iron lacework chapel above the crypt with a separate entrance on the other side. You can actually enter the chapel. I wish the crypt was open too 🙂