Słodki Słony: Warsaw`s Must-Try Pastry

This place is located too close to where I live. The smell of sugar and butter attracts you when you pass by and you just cannot resist. You can sit and have a coffee with cake or you can just take some sweets away like in a sweet shop. The place is owned by Magda Gessler, a Polish celebrity and our TV version of Gordon Ramsay.

Słodki means sweet, słony means salty. Here you can also eat a regular dinner. In the back you have a room which is the restaurant part. To be honest I`ve never eaten here, but I`m totally into this confectionary.

The sweet display counter is located right behind the entrance. Here you can see all kinds of cakes, my favorites lay on the top of the counter. These are mostly little cakes and I think I have tried most of them. You definitely must try the Poppy seed cake (very traditional in Poland), Tete-a-tete (with caramel and almond) and cakes with seasonal fruits like black currents, cherries, rasperries or cranbierries. If you think you can get some more calories try the Polish cream Cake.

Mokotowska 45 Street