Różana: Romantic & Elegant Polish Restaurant

Searching something fancy, go to the Rożana. It`s housed in a pre-war villa in the Mokotów district. It`s more like a grandmother`s house; but a classy and chic grandmother. This is the place for an elegant date, family dinner, or as well as business lunch.

On the menu you will find amazing traditional Polish starters like cold trotter, herrings and pates. Try a traditional Polish soup called żurek, it`s a leaven soup with boletus, sour cream, sausage and potatoes. As a main meal I recommend the Veal with gravy, carrots and dumplings made of mashed potatoes, eggs, and flour which we call kopytka. It`s a traditional type of dumpling from the Silesian region. For something more extravagant, pick the Deer in wine- fruity mousse, fried beetroots, pickles and also kopytka. Wild meat is deeply anchored in Polish tradition but nowadays people rarely eat it at home. It`s not a common product in typical shops and it`s also quite expensive. Deer meat is very healthy so this is definitely an upscale meal.

In Różana you always need to have a reservation, especially on weekends and during the week at lunch time. In summer, be sure to enjoy the beautiful garden.

Chocimska 7 Street, Warsaw

Phone: 22 848 12 25