Pyzy Flaki Gorące: Local Food Specialty

If you want to try some local cuisine, I suggest a small, simple restaurant called Pyzy Flaki Gorące (Hot pyzy and flaki) with only two dishes on the menu. It`s located behind the Bazar Różyckiego in the Praga district.

Pyzy is a characteristic Polish meal. It`s little bit like dumplings in the form of knobs, usually stuffed with meat with pork scratching, some lard or fried onion on top. There are different options so pyzy can be served without any filling and on top you can also have other sauces like green pesto. These are more updated versions of pyzy, but I actually like to try them with different sauces.

Flaki is an original Polish meat stew for the brave. Its main ingridient is cleaned strips of beef tripe. For foreign visitors it may be too hardcore, but for me it`s delicious, this is something that I remember from my childhood.

Pyzy Flaki Gorące, Brzeska 29/31 Street, Warsaw

Phone: +48 606 294 499