Przegryź: It Means “Snack on”

Przegryź (“Snack on”) is a local restaurant that attracts trendy crowd. It`s probably because of location on Mokotowska Street which is known for boutiques of Polish designers. However food is traditional and home like.

Przegryź serves great pierogi, They have very thin dough which is very important. They are stuffed with tasty meat or sauerkraut. The menu changes, right now you can also have pierogi with goose which is not very common to find in restaurants.

If you like soups, you should certainly try Rosół (chicken, duck or goose soup) which is very popular in Poland. If you are fed up with pierogi, try a cult Polish meal that my mom made when I was a child – ground pork with mashed potatoes and beetroot (Mielone z puree ziemniaczanym i buraczkami). It`s one of the most popular dishes here.

Address: Mokotowska 52 Street