Pierogi & More Cooking Class

If you are looking for an interesting local experience and you like cooking it`s the perfect place for you. Pierogi & More is located in Muranów, one of Downtown`s neighborhoods, not far from the Old Town. Nobody should leave Poland without trying pierogi. And what`s under “More”? It`s a traditional Polish liqueur, and here you can also learn how to make it (and drink).


Pierogi is kind of dumplings with meat or vegetarian fillings. During the workshop you will learn how to knead the dough, then you will practice different techniques of folding dumplings and tricks how to make them really tasty. You`ll find out how they turned out at the end.


Poland is known for its vodka but nalewki is something more sofisticated. These are alcoholic extracts from fruits, spices, flowers or herbs that we have been making for hundreds of years. However in the Middle Ages they were usually made by monks. They are commonly believed to cure illnesses, but getting a better mood can be also a good reason to try it!


This cooking worskhop is a very safe experience which follows the covid-related safety regulations. You will be preparing and eating your own food in small groups. The maximum number of participants for an open class is only 10, but you can also book a private class. For a quote for a private class please write pierogiandmore@gmail.com

For bookings and more information please visit www.pierogiandmore.pl

Pierogi & More

Address: Stawki 3 Street