Local Warsaw – Unique Praga District Walking Tour

Local Warsaw – Unique Praga District Walking Tour is provided in two options: shared or private. If you want to join other tarvellers please select your date from the calendar below and book your tour online. Private tours can be organized on any day of the week and time that suits you best.

About the tour

Discover the cultural richness of Warsaw’s Praga district. Praga, just across the Vistula river from Warsaw’s old town, has a centuries old history and escaped major devastation during World War II. Originally founded as an independent town, Praga traditionally served as the multicultural home for Catholics, Jews, and Orthodox Christians.

Today Praga is experiencing its renaissance and is well regarded for its artists and craftsmen, alternative culture, and interesting real estate projects. Praga is often overlooked by foreign visitors, and locals, but it offers a special vibe and charm while walking its streets among locals who have been living here for many generations.

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Meeting point: Targowa 74 Street

Duration time: 2 hours

Private tour: 100 € per group (up to 4 people), additional participants 20 € / per person

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