Neon Museum: Outstanding Communist-Era Neon Signs

It`s the only neon museum in Europe, and the second in the world after Las Vegas Neon Museum. It`s small but definitely worth a visit. It`s dedicated to preservation of Polish neon signs from Cold War period.

After few decades most of Warsaw neons was broken and often thrown away while buildings renovations. Unfortunatly they were rarely recognized as precious pieces of art and there was no protection for neon heritage from the government. The museum`s goal is to change it.

It`s located in Praga Południe district in Soho Factory, a housing estate that uses 19th and early 20th century industrial buildings for apartments, restaurants, shops and galleries. That museum institution is its real treasure but it`s not the only interesting place you can see here. Some neons are hanged on other buildings around and they are lit in the evenings.