Łazienki Park with Royal Interiors Walking Tour

In the 17th century this was the property of the Grand Marshal of the Crown Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski. He created a park with several small buildings, a place for him to find peace and solitude. He built a bathing pavilion and this is why the park was called Łazienki, which means “Baths”.

In the second half of the 18th century the park went under the ownership of Stanisław August Poniatowski, after his election as King of Poland. The new owner hired the best Warsaw architects to redesign the park as his summer residence. Nowadays it`s one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.

There are some of the greatest examples of Polish classicist architecture here: the Palace on the Isle, Amfitheater on the Water and Old Orangery with the only 18th century royal court theater in Poland, one of the few in the world.

Price: 100 € per tour (up to 3 people) + 7 € pass / per person, to the Park`s attractions and palaces with me as your guide. We will visit: the Palace on the Isle, White Pavilion and Old Orangery.

Meeting point: upon arrangement

Duration time: 3 hours