Finish Houses: A Green Oasis In the Middle of the City

It`s hard to believe that you are just 400 meters from the Royal Route, in downtown area. It’s hidden and barely known even by locals. It`s a center of local activism supporting all kind of activities: urban gardening, urban beekeeping, lectures about architecture, art exhibitions, concerts, garage sales, poetry workshops and more.

The Finish Houses (Domki fińskie) is a small village of wodden houses given by Finland to Warsaw for workers of the Office of Reconstruction of Warsaw after World War II. For decades they were occupied by private residents but nowadays most of them is owned by the city.

Few years ago the city was going to tear them down to build a new gouvernment district. Residents of Warsaw and local activists were protesting against the destruction of this unique area. Even the Finish Ambassador we supporting it. In the end the city`s council agreed to keep the houses and give it to local activists.

Today it`s called Otwarty Jazdów (Open Jazdów). It`s a community offering a social, cultural and ecological public program. Each house is run by a different foundation or organisation focused on different topics. To check what`s on the agenda visit Otwarty Jazdów website.

Address: between streets: Jazdów and John Lennon