Hearts of Jewish Culture and Life in Warsaw


Prices are per tour (up to 3 people). 

For groups over then 3 people please Request a quotation

 1. Warsaw Ghetto locations and remains walking tour
Price: 150 € per tour (up to 3 people). The price includes tickets to the Nozyk Synagogue (Synagogue is closed on Saturdays because of Shabbat) and Jewish Institute. Duration time: up to 5 hours. The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest Jewish ghetto created by the Nazis during the Second World War. It was established in November 1940 and 460,000 Jews were separated from the rest of the city. Around 100,000 people died from hunger. At least 254,000 Ghetto residents were sent to the Treblinka death camp over two months in the summer of 1942. On the 19th of April 1943, Jewish Combat Organizations started an uprising led by Mordechaj Anielewicz...read more
 2. Praga district – Warsaw`s First Jewish Community Area walking  tour
Price: 75 € per tour (up to 3 people). Duration time: up to 2 hours. In the XVIII-th Century the Polish King Stanisław August Poniatowski allowed his purveyor and banker Szmul Zbytkower to settle in the area of present-day Targówek and Praga districts. In those days Praga was still an independent town. Zbytkower as a member of The Great Sejm was a representative of the Jewish population of Poland. On Praga he founded the first Jewish cemetery and synagogue. He developed a big farm and owned a tannery, meat warehouses, brick factories and breweries...read more
 3. Jewish Cemetery walking tour
Price: 75 € per tour (up to 3 people). Duration time: up to 2 hours. The Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw was founded in 1806. It`s one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe containing 250,000 graves. It`s divided into two sections, an area for women and an area for men. There is also an area for the Orthodox and for the Reformed Jews. There are graves of many famous people here such as  Ludwik Zamenhof – the Esperanto language inventor, Rachela Kamińska – an actress, Adam Czerniakow – senator to the Polish Sejm before Second World War and head of the Judenrat (Jewish Council), who committed suicide in 1942 after Germans asked him to sign a command to take Warsaw Jews to the Treblinka death camp.

 4. Tailor-Made Jewish Warsaw walking tour
Price: 150 € / per tour (up to 5 people). Duration time: up to 6 hours. During the walk we can visit the sites as described in the walks listed above.

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