Alternative Warsaw walks and tours


Prices are per tour (up to 3 people). 

For groups over then 3 people please Request a quotation

1. Warsaw Off the Beaten Path through a Native`s Eye walking tour
Price: 150 €/ per tour (up to 3 people). Duration time: up to 5 hours. Experience Warsaw through the eyes of a fourth generation Varsovian. Let me show you my favorite places that you won’t find in guide books. Enter sites that few people know about and discover the hidden gems of the Polish capital. During the walk we can visit: historical food bazar and flea market, hip and alternative meeting spots, delicious pastry shop, urban murals and outdoor art, local craftsmen, alternative art galleries, dark courtyards…read more
 2. Warsaw Socialist Realism walking tour
Price: 100 € / per tour (up to 3 people). Duration time: up to 3 hours. After the Second World War, Warsaw was almost completely demolished. The new communist government tried to rebuild the Polish Capital in a new style of Socialist Realism, according to Soviet Russia’s demands. Warsaw, as the Capital of Poland, was to be a prime example of the Soviet style of art through architecture and city planning…read more
 3. Praga District walking tour
Price: 100 € / per tour (up to 3 people). Duration time: up to 3 hours. Praga district, an original and authentic district that wasn’t destroyed during World War II and holds many examples of 19th Century Architecture.  It`s located directly across the river from Warsaw’s Old Town. Through the centuries it was an independent town. It became a part of Warsaw in the late 18th century. It was multicultural area, home for Catholics, Jews and Polish Orthodox…read more
2warsaw-praga 6warsaw-praga
4. A Different Side of Warsaw`s Downtown walking tour
Price: 100 € / per tour (up to 3 people). Duration time: up to 3 hours. South-Downtown (Śródmieście Południowe) is a special area of Warsaw’s city center. Maybe you know the Polish capital was heavily destroyed during the Second World War. However, the destruction wasn’t that heavy on the South side of Warsaw’s downtown. The district was selected by the Nazis to be maintained as their residence during the Nazi occupation as well as the command center for its police institutions…read more.
 5. Saska Kępa – Warsaw Modernist Neighborhood walking tour
Price: 75 € / per tour (up to 3 people). Duration time: up to 2 hours. Very charming, mostly villas district built in the nineteen-twenties and thirties. It contains the greatest examples of Warsaw modernist houses designed by the best Polish avant garde architects. It has been very popular among artists, writers and composers…read more
 6. Warsaw by Night walking tour
Price: 150 € / per tour (up to 3 people). Duration time: up to 3 hours. During the walk I will show you my favorite parts of the city after dark. Highlighted buildings of the Royal Route, romantic parks, city landscapes, modernist railway stations from the sixties, atmospheric streets and a few dark corners. You pick the time when you want to start…read more
 7. Warsaw on Bike tour
Price: 150 € / per tour (up to 3 people). The price includes city bikes rental. Duration time: up to 3 hours. An active and informative way to see the city – sightseeing by bike. Warsaw is an relatively “flat” city with minimal hills, so touring the city by bike is accessible to most ages and fitness levels.  You can pick any district: Śródmieście (Downtown), Praga, Mokotów, Żoliborz. Tours and districts can be combined, i.e., start in Śródmieście and cross the bridge to Praga…read more
 8. Tailor-Made Alternative Warsaw walking (or bike) tour
Price: 150 € / per tour (up to 5 people) + 7 € for bike rental / per person. Duration time: up to 6 hours. Just tell me what you are interested in, or pick few things from my other tours  above and let me design a walking or bike tour just for you!

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