A Different Side of Warsaw`s Downtown walking tour

Price: 100 € per tour (up to 3 people)

Meeting point: upon arrangement

Duration time: up to 3 hours

South-Downtown (Śródmieście Południowe) is a special area of Warsaw’s city center. Maybe you know the Polish capital was heavily destroyed during the Second World War. However, the destruction wasn’t that heavy on the South side of Warsaw’s downtown. The district was selected by the Nazis to be maintained as their residence during the Nazi occupation as well as the command center for its police institutions. The Germans didn’t bomb the area during the Warsaw Uprising, as the heavy fighting was concentrated more on the North side of the city. Nowadays, Śródmieście Południowe is a vibrant area full of pre-war houses, elegant shops, galleries, bars and charming courtyards.

During the walk we will see: pre-war houses untouched during the Second World War, houses and headquarters of Nazi institutions, Main Auditorium of Warsaw University of Technology, postindustrial buildings from XIX-century, courtyards with Catholic shrines and more. Let me show you my favorite part of the city!


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