Plan B

Plan B is probably the most popular bar in Warsaw that attracts alternative crowd of people. Inside you need to go up by steep stairs to get to the bar. It has a minimalistic, little bit “dirty” design, walls are full of graffiti, posters and flyers. Windows are so low that you need to crouch to see anything outside. Plan B organizes concerts and parties with dj`s. It`s not a big place so usually you cannot get any seats. Most of the visitors just stand in the bar area.

1godzina-wThe best time of the year to feel its atomsphere is spring and summer time when there are hundreds of people standing outside hanging out. These are also clients of the next door Charlotte bar. Here you can also admire the beautiful Plac Zbawiciela ( Saviour Square) with Neo-Ghotic architecture of the Church of the Holiest Saviour and Tęcza (rainbow) in the middle of the square. It`s an art installation of Julita Wójcik made in 2012 in cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. There is a strong opposition of conservatives against it because of its meaning for the LGBT people and the near location of the church. It has been vandalized and burnt several times and always rebuilt again. I guess Plan B owners would rather keep the rainbow in front of their place, it`s a very gay friendly spot.

Adress: Aleja Wyzwolenia 18

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