Barn Burger: Guilty Pleasure

Heart Attack, ByPass and Sex & Violence – these are names you can find on the menu of Barn Burger. There are many burger bars in Warsaw but this one never disappoints. Don`t be discouraged by a line of people. It goes fast and it`s worth waiting.

About ten years ago burgers became extremely popular in Warsaw. By burgers I mean real massive burgers with good quality meat, not cheap ones served by fast foods. There was a moment, when bars serving this cult American invention were everywhere. In time some of them got closed cause they couldn`t handle competition. Barn Burger remained.

It was so popular that the second bar was opened just around the corner. Both places were always busy. However, the newer one had to close because of Covid-19 situation. When restaurants started opening after the lockdown, most of them were pretty empty, but not Barn Burger. I often walk by and there are always people waiting in the line.